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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Bullet I. Introduction, General Questions
Bullet What is
Bullet How can I change my Password
Bullet How to register at
Bullet What will be my E-mail address?
Bullet How to send and receive E-mail?
Bullet What are the limitations for Users?
Bullet When my Account can be closed?
Bullet II. E-mail service
Bullet Does provide SPAM protection?
Bullet What is max size of each E-mail message?
Bullet Does mail forwarding work under
Bullet Is POP3 protocol supported at
Bullet III. Personal Web pages service (Webhosting service)
Bullet How can I get a Personal Web page at
Bullet How can I manage (copy/delete/move etc.) the information at my Personal Web page?
Bullet Does hosting support PHP/CGI/Perl etc.?
Bullet IV. Proxy service
Bullet How to configure the web browser to work with websites in Armenia?
Bullet V. Troubleshooting
Bullet I cannot find my question here
Bullet I did not receive an E-mail message, that was sent to me. Why?
Bullet My message did not reach the recipient. Why?
Bullet I can`t put files in my home directory. Why?
Bullet I see only my files listed at my Personal Web page, instead of my webpage. Why?
Bullet I forgot/lost my Password. How can I restore my Account?

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