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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Bullet V. Troubleshooting
I cannot find my question here
In case you cannot find your question here, please do not hestiate to contact us by E-mail or Phone for assistance.

In order to get support you will need to specify your Login and describe the question.
I did not receive an E-mail message, that was sent to me. Why?
In case you do not get some E-mail from somewhere it could be the case that it is being rejected by our SPAM protection filters.

Our SPAM protection filters correctly generate specific SMTP answer to the denied message, the rejected sender gets technically described reason of his/her message denial.

In order for any specific issue to by resolved by our staff you can ask sender of denied message to forward the denied message (containing an SMTP answer from Mail Server) to external test address, which can be obtained by contacting HelpDesk.
My message did not reach the recipient. Why?
To understand why there appear problems with E-mail delivery, you should get acquainted with the main principles of E-mail functioning on the Internet.

These principles are fairly simple:

- Actually it is almost impossible to lose mail on the Internet: either messages get to the destination or are sent back if a return address is correct.

- In most of the cases, the message is immediately delivered to the recipient. Delay in delivery may be caused either by the server destination if, for example, it is disconnected or overloaded at that moment, or if the connectivity of the sender`s server is out of order. In both cases, a message is not lost and the server is trying to deliver it until the time duration set by the system is expired. The period set for is 1 day. If a message is not delivered for 1 day, it will be sent back to the sender with an appropriate error message.

- Besides, the server sends a notification to the sender after the first 3 hours of failed attempts to deliver a message. Often users take this warning message for an error, however they should pay attention to the first lines of that message which contains something like "This is a warning message only. Will keep trying within 1 day", etc..

- Among frequently encountered errors there are that
(1) there is no such user on this server destination
(2) an error occurred while attempting to place the message in the recipient`s mailbox,
which is very often the case when the recipient`s disk quota is exceeded.

- If you get an error message from the E-mail subsystem, it definitely contains the reason for rejection. Please read the message carefully.

- It may happen that the error message returns to you and you have no space in your mailbox, because your disk quota is exceeded. In this regrettable situation the message will be actually lost.

Of course, no one is free from equipment or operating system failures, but the probability of that is low enough.
I can`t put files in my home directory. Why?
Users are not allowed to create folders/files in their home directories.
There is a special folder FILES for that. Please, feel free to use FILES folder for any file you want to store at apart from your Personal Web page and E-mails.
I see only my files listed at my Personal Web page, instead of my webpage. Why?
In order to view your Personal Web page , your public_html directory needs to have one of the following filenames:

Note, that filenames are case-sensitive!

Also, the above filenames carry an "order of precedence" as they are listed above. For example, if you have both an index.htm file and a index.html file, the index.html file will be the one that shows up when viewing your Personal Web page.
I forgot/lost my Password. How can I restore my Account?
If you have forgot or lost your Account password, go to the "Forgot your password?" section

There you will need to do through few steps, that will enable you to assign a new password for your Account

Note, that you will be required to correctly enter ALL your Registration information.

In case of problems with restoring your Account because of forgotten or lost password, try contacting us by E-mail or Phone.

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