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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Bullet III. Personal Web pages service (Webhosting service)
How can I get a Personal Web page at
When registering at you will get only an E-mail Account by default.

If you also want to have a Personal Web page at, you should go to "My Freenet" section, where you will find and easy way to Open (Activate) a Personal Web page at

Personal Web page activation is one-time procedure. After that you will be able to enjoy your Personal Web page. In fact activation procedure involves only creation of a special folder (public_html in your home directory) that you are not allowed to do yourself.

Now your Personal Web page will be accessible all over the Internet. Your URL -

where username is your Login.

If you will ever decide to remove your Personal Web page, you can do that by deleting
a special folder (public_html in your home directory) using SFTP access.

Note, that creation of your Personal Web page is possible only via "My Freenet" section, while removal is possible only via SFTP access.

Your Personal Web page can be blocked or removed if it will contain any information that breaks Terms and Conditions of Service:

How can I manage (copy/delete/move etc.) the information at my Personal Web page?
If you already have a Personal Web page at, you can now manage (Copy/Delete/move/ etc.) the information at your Personal Web page. At this is done via SFTP secured protocol.

SFTP is the only method users can use to transfer their webpage files from their local computer to their Personal Web page at SFTP access at can be performed using a free 3rd party SFTP client software (WinSCP package).

Follow the steps below to download and run WinSCP package, which is pre-configured for access:

  • Download our pre-configured WinSCP package (ZIP archive). It contains ready configuration for SFTP access. This ZIP archive contains one "Winscp419" folder with "winscp419.exe" and "winscp419.ini" files in it.

  • All you need is to extract the ZIP archive somewhere on your local drive and run "winscp419.exe" file. It is not an install package, but a ready-to-run program.

  • After running it, first the following window may appear, where you should just click on "Run" button

  • The following window will appear, where you can click on "Login" button

  • For the first time the following warning window will be displayed. Choose "Yes" to store host key on your disk


  • Now it is time to authenticate yourself. You need to enter your Username and Password and click OK in each of the appropriate prompts as shown below:



  • In case authentication process will succeed you will finally see WinSCP interface like below. Here your local hard drives are available at the left and your hosting is at the right side. "public_html" folder is the place where you can put your Personal Web page files.


  • Now Feel free to manage (copy/delete/move etc.) your Personal Web page area and enjoy your FREE Webhosting service !

Does hosting support PHP/CGI/Perl etc.?
No. FREE Webhosting service supports only plain HTML pages.

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